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All you need to know about luggage and travel bags

by Masoud Sharafat on May 21, 2020

All you need to know about luggage and travel bags

     Hundreds and thousands of people travel every day via air, road or sea. Mostly people travel for business or work-related affairs, vacations or tourism purposes.  The duration of the travel varies due to the reason for the journey. For example, if someone is travelling for a business meeting, it might be a few days trip with selective luggage trolley only. On the other side, if a family is travelling for vacation or tourism, the journey might be a little longer maybe a week with luggage bags and trolley carrying the belongings of the whole family. People select different types of luggage bag and luggage trolleys as per the nature and duration of the journey. If someone is flying to a far region for a month, he/she might need more bags for travel to take with whereas, if a couple is flying for a short weekend trip to a nearby destination or a beach holiday, they might need fewer suitcase to carry. Similarly, people choose among different types of bags and trolley as per their requirement. Some luggage bags have less capacity to carry travel luggage, whereas others have more but challenging to handle.


Carry-On Luggage
     Hand-carry luggage or cabin baggage is the allowed baggage from the airline that you can take in hands with you inside the flight cabin while taking a domestic or international flight. They are not checked in at the counter while getting a boarding pass and are usually stored in the overhead compartments inside the flight cabin above passenger’s seats. Hence, the airlines are very concerned about the item and baggage dimensions. If it's not within dimensions, you may have to check-in the package at an additional cost. One personal item like a laptop, handbag or similar is usually allowed along with hand luggage piece in all airlines except few. Please read the baggage policy of the airline along with fare rules before you buy the ticket.   

Economy class to carry one piece of baggage, not to exceed 7kg (15lb). First and business class to carry two pieces of baggage, not to exceed total 15kg (33lb). Maximum dimensions for each hand carry bag is 50x37x25cm (20”x15”x10”)

It's essential to know what you can take with you inside the flight cabin before you finalize between checked-in baggage and hand luggage. Your daily used handy items like medication, toiletries or your important documents, files, money or precious items, electronics or sleeping suits as long as it's within the allowance. You might not want to wait at the arrival airport to collect your checked-in luggage if you came for a short weekend trip. These small travel bags come in very handy when you want to be picky and agile at the same time.


Checked-In Luggage:
     Checked-in baggage is luggage that airline allows its passenger to carry with them. At the check-in counter, passengers give their pieces of luggage within the allowed weight and dimensions in the airline's custody and get the boarding pass. This luggage is then sent to the cargo section of the operating craft and given back to passengers at arrival airports. People who travel on longer trips are more concerned about their checked-in luggage. So, airlines are particular about the weight and dimensions of the checked-in pieces. You may easily find the baggage allowance on the airline's website.

The standard allowance for the economy cabin is 30kgs and First, and the Business cabin is 50kgs which can be divided into two pieces. Total dimensions H+L+W should not exceed than 158cm (62in) for any checked-in piece. Large and medium-sized trolley and the bag is mostly used to carry the checked-in luggage which should not exceed from the standard dimensions of the fly carrier. If the dimensions are exceeded, the operating airline will not be able to check-in that piece rather; it will be sent through cargo flights at an additional price which has the capacity to take big pieces of luggage or other cargo items which cannot be taken into a commercial passenger flight.

Usually, people use garment bags, trolley, suitcases, spinner’s bags, backpacks or duffel bags for checked-in luggage while travelling on a family vacation trip or tourism. 


Laptop Bags: 
     Laptop bags are generally used only to carry the laptop machines, chargers and related accessories of the passengers. Usually, laptop bags are part of hand-carry luggage which the passenger can take with them in the flight cabin. Most of the international airlines in the world give laptop baggage allowance separately from the standard 7KG hand-carry luggage. The laptop case, cover or carrying bag is not included in the allowed carry-on luggage. At the time of screening, the passengers have to remove the laptop machines from the cover or laptop terrible for security purposes. Few budgeted airlines don’t give separate allowance for laptops and allow the only 7kg for both carry-on luggage and laptop bag collectively. 

Pilot Cases:
     The operating crew luggage is screened and accepted through different channels at the airport before taking off. All the pilots and flight operating cabin crew, including the first officers and flight technical staff are given standard bags and trollies from the airline they are working for. Generally, these bags include medium to large-sized spinner bags; smart hand-carry bags and female’s bags and pouches to carry things which are required on a day to day basis. Flight operating crew, including the flight pilots, are not allowed to bring personal bags on board.   

Backpacks and Bags
     Some people prefer the backpack travel bag which are easier to carry and have many pockets to keep different kind of belongings including clothes, shoes or anything which is allowed to carry as per the international rules of aviation and flying. These backpacks can be with or without wheels and are most fit for the people who are travelling to adventurous places or long road trips where it’s difficult to drag the wheel bags, instead, you can put the bag on your shoulder. At the same time, your hands are free to use navigations or even drink and eat while walking and exploring the destination. There are many vibrant colors and features available in backpacks within nominal prices as compare to suitcases or other travel bags.

Duffel Bags:
     Cylindrical shaped soft sided duffel bags which are used mostly by frequent travelers and light travelers. Mostly these bags are made of wither leather or nylon material which is lightweight and durable. There are two short stripes to grip the bag within hands or a long shoulder stripe to carry the bags without using hands. Due to the smart size, these bags are not bulky in hands or shoulders while walking long distances at international airports.

     Pouches or passport bags are small in size but high in quality as most people use these bags to carry their passports and other travel documents including visa, air tickets and hotel booking. Sometimes people use these smart light quality punches or bags to carry the currency, cards or even medication. There are several designs for pouch or passport bags. You can either wrap them around your waist or you can hang them with your shoulders while leaving your hands free so that you may access them easily because, at the airports, passports and travel documents are requested to show at many places.  

Garment bag:
     Garment bags are usually fancy and quality oriented to keep precious items, including unique clothes, jewelry or personal items. Mostly garment bags are used by businessmen while travelling for a business meeting or an interview even. However, females also attend business meeting and seminars while needing similar fancy and quality bags to keep precious items hence, the usage of garment bags is not limited to males only, instead it has become a unisex item and a symbol of decency and professionalism.

     Medium and large-sized suitcases are used by most of the travelers while flying to a holiday destination or for tourism purposes in a different country. These bags have traditional small medium and large sizes which come in 4-wheels, 2-wheels and without wheels option. Due to the size and strength of the inner bag structure, passengers prefer these bags for a long flight with extended stays at the destination so that they may take all the necessary luggage and items for the trip safely without being break or damaged. 

     Whether to take your luggage in hand to avoid long waits at arrival or to take everything with you is a smart choice, and you should consider the type of travel and available options to make that choice. Depending on the nature and duration of the journey, we should choose appropriate luggage bags and trollies so that people may take all the needed items and things with them.

For short trips, frequent travelers prefer to travel light and not to wait at arrival airports to collect the luggage they don’t even need for the journey. Whereas travelling with family or on long trips people prefer to take all necessary things and check them in at the airline counters before flights.

Be smart, go through the fare rules and baggage policy of the airline before buying the ticket, see if you are travelling far or long or just nearby and then finalize your packing and luggage bag type.  

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