• A carry-on is a type of travel bag which is of size 20 inch and can be carried with, in the airplane. 
  • Lock and material: Equipped with combination lock to suit your safety requirements, made of durable and resistant material PC, long lasting and reliable.
  • Aesthetics: Designed ergonomically with a push button telescopic handle, specially to give you a fashionable feel, comes with different colors and a very sleek look, soft grip handle on the side and the top
  • Wheels: Four sealed ball bearings inline skate wheels, tested rigorously on rough surfaces, suitable for different road conditions.
  • Interior: Spacious and ample, have a buckle to hold the luggage together


Eminent 20" Carry-on Hard Trolley (E9R1-20)

Dhs. 304.00Dhs. 359.00

Eminent 20" carry-on (E9Q3M-20)

Dhs. 254.00Dhs. 299.00

Eminent 20" PC Matt 4 twin wheel trolley (E9H3-20)

Dhs. 284.00Dhs. 334.00

Eminent 20" PC Matt nile 4 twin wheel trolley (E9PO-20)

Dhs. 294.00Dhs. 349.00

Senator stylish carry-on (A207-20)

Dhs. 84.00Dhs. 99.00

Eminent 20" carry-on PC Mirror Spinner trolley case (E9L0-Mirror-20)

Dhs. 239.00Dhs. 284.00

Senator softside fashionable trolley luggage with combination lock and 4 wheels (LL051-20)

Dhs. 104.00Dhs. 124.00

Senator Softside trolley luggage bag (LW010-20)

Dhs. 104.00Dhs. 124.00

Senator Soft Spinner Trolley Case (LL032-20)

Dhs. 109.00Dhs. 129.00