Cabin size trolley bags by Eminent and senator.


  • A carry-on is a type of travel bag which is of size 20 inch and can be carried with, in the airplane. 
  • Senator and Eminent carry-on bags in Dubai can be found at this platform in multiple color and sizes. 
  • Eminent branded carry-on bags are at your disposal in a very affordable price.

Carry-on luggage

Eminent 20” carry on hard luggage trolley bag (E9R1-20)

Dhs. 304.00Dhs. 359.00

Eminent luggage trolley bag 20” carry-on (E9Q3M-20)

Dhs. 254.00Dhs. 299.00

Eminent luggage bag 20" PC Matt 4 twin wheel trolley (E9H3-20)

Dhs. 284.00Dhs. 334.00

Eminent cabin bag 20" PC Matt nile 4 twin wheel trolley (E9PO-20):

Dhs. 294.00Dhs. 349.00

Eminent luggage bag 20" carry-on PC Mirror Spinner trolley case (E9L0-Mirror-20)

Dhs. 239.00Dhs. 284.00

Eminent 20 inch Nylon Jupiter best cabin luggage trolley case (S0140-20)

Dhs. 134.00

Eminent 20 inch Map print PC Spinner hand luggage trolley bag (KD71M-Map-20)

Dhs. 134.00

Eminent branded cabin size luggage 20” ABS Trolley case (E084-20)

Dhs. 230.00

Eminent luggage 20 inch cabin size PC Emboss 732 Spinner trolley bag (KF31-20)

Dhs. 179.00