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      Eminent executive extra large Suitcase set of 2 (E772ABP-2)

      Dhs. 439.00Dhs. 519.00

      Eminent executive large Suitcase set of 2 (E1B8-2)

      Dhs. 489.00Dhs. 579.00

      Eminent executive Suitcase set of 2 (E739AGP-2)

      Dhs. 439.00Dhs. 519.00

      Large Suitcase Set by Eminent - (H080B-2)

      Dhs. 464.00Dhs. 549.00

      Large and extra large suitcase luggage.

      These set of suitcases are for those who are frequent travelers and carry good quantity of belongings with them. These come in set of 2 and with wheels so that you can carry good amount luggage with ease. 

      Find the perfect suitcase for your next trip!

      Are you planning to travel to a domestic or international destination for a few days weeks, or months? It is not possible without a large suitcase as a lot of personal stuff is needed to meet the long-term travel needs.  We, at Buy Luggage Online, cater to all your luggage needs. There are a lot of luggage options available with us such as suitcase, carry bag, duffel, etc.

      Buy an ideal suitcase

      Suitcases are available in a great range of different colors, sizes, designs, styles and capacities. We surely have an appropriate suitcase for you having a distinct color and design for easy recognition amid several suitcases at the airport. A suitcase that has lightweight, waterproof material, spacious compartment, expandable capacity, wheels, telescopic handles and security locks makes an ideal luggage.

      Buy a branded and affordable suitcase online 

      We suggest you buy suitcase from a reputable brand and we sell only the best. We are an online luggage market selling a great range of many luggage items to fulfill your daily and travel needs. We sell only genuine and branded luggage items. With us you will get high-quality suitcases from world-class Eminent brand. You can explore our website to access our range of branded suitcases. We sell high-quality items and that too without burning a hole in your pocket. You can buy an affordable suitcase online on our site. Just check for the color, features and prices of the available models of suitcases on our site and place your instant order. 

      Buy affordable suitcase

      When it comes to Eminent, you can buy a set of two suitcases that will be economical for you than buying a single piece. You can get different colors that are suitable for travel. Eminent executive extra-large suitcases are perfect for storing more stuff for an entire family. Still, they have an affordable price like a small branded suitcase. Their wheels and telescoping handles are of excellent quality to support carrying a heavy load.

      Buy suitcase for travel needs

      With us you will find a suitcase that is your ideal travel partner. If your job also needs frequent travel, or otherwise planning a holiday trip with your family to some destination, procure your luggage today. Buy suitcase to carry your stuff securely and in an organised way.  If you are in urgent need of a suitcase, buy suitcase online from us. We guarantee to provide you with an affordable suitcase for free shipping in 2-3 working days.