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      Backpack by Senator (KH3006-18)

      Dhs. 70.00

      Backpack by Senator (KH3005-16.5)

      Dhs. 70.00

      Backpack by Senator (KH3003-19)

      Dhs. 70.00

      Backpack- KH8108-18

      Dhs. 59.00Dhs. 69.00

      Backpack- KH8109-18

      Dhs. 59.00Dhs. 69.00

      Backpacks- KH8104

      Dhs. 74.00Dhs. 89.00

      Senator luggage Backpack travel bag- (KH8103)

      Dhs. 74.00Dhs. 89.00

      Senator luggage Backpack (KH8117-19)

      Dhs. 79.00Dhs. 94.00

      Backpack- KH8119-19

      Dhs. 79.00Dhs. 94.00

      Backpack travel bag online store

      Looking for a bag that you can carry anywhere and use for multipurpose. Here are the backpacks that will help you in moving freely as they have strong shoulder straps which helps you in carrying the load without restricting your movement.

      Buy Backpack at Best Prices in Dubai

      Whatever is your age or profession, backpacks are an essential fashion accessory that is both stylish and functional. A backpack is perhaps one of the best kinds of bags that give you the space to organise all your things and complete freedom of movement.


      Buy the best backpack Dubai, designed for unmatched style and versatility. We bring to you the finest range of backpacks online that are trendy and convenient to use. Our range of backpacks is made of premium-quality materials with ergonomic design, padded straps and multiple zips & pockets. Bringing the best of backpacks, we ensure superior comfort and functionality that lasts the test of time.

      Buy Backpack Dubai – Design for Everyone!

      Whether you want a backpack for your office or looking for something sleek to carry your travel luggage, we have the most stylish range of backpacks that perfectly meet your needs and budget.



      The Sleek Backpack by Eminent is a wonderful choice as your office backpack. Its unique design and abundant inner space make it most suitable to carry your laptop, files and much more. On the other hand, if you want to buy backpack that also serves as a travel luggage carrier, then pick our Eminent Luggage Backpack Travel Bag with Sleek Design.



      School or college goers can choose our 16.5-inch Backpack by Senator, featuring a stylish design and colour combination that suits your personality. These have enough space to carry all your books and belongings, with outer pockets to provide quick access to smaller items.



      For a more rugged look, pick this Stylish Backpack by Eminent that is ideal for your travel needs. It can carry weight up to 3kgs and is perfect for your adventure tours or hiking.

      Tips to Buy Backpack Online

      Here are some quick tips to help you buy the best backpack in Dubai:




      • Comfort is the most important factor to consider in buying a backpack. Make sure it is made of high-quality material, has adjustable and padded shoulder straps and provide quick access to essential items.
      • If you plan to use it rigorously, choose heavy-duty backpacks that are manufactured using durable materials. The straps and zippers should also be long-lasting.
      • Space is another crucial factor to consider when you buy backpack. Make sure it has enough space to fit all your belongings with multiple zippers and pockets.
      • Choose a backpack that is water-resistant and provides durable padding to protect your delicate items.

      Buy excellent-quality backpack in Dubai online and get the best value for your money.