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Luggage Sets

Luggage trolley set by Senator (KH108-3)

Dhs. 289.00Dhs. 350.00

Senator Hardside Travel Luggage Trolley Set of 3 (KH134-3)

Dhs. 279.00Dhs. 337.00

Hardside Travel Luggage Trolley Set of 3 (KH132-3)

Dhs. 279.00Dhs. 337.00

Eminent Luggage Set of 3 Bags 4-Twin 360° Wheel Trolley (KG08-3)

Dhs. 320.00Dhs. 724.00

Eminent Luggage Set of 3 Bags 4-Twin 360° Wheel Trolley (E9F7-3)

Dhs. 600.00Dhs. 1,194.00

Eminent Stylish Luggage Set of 3 Bags 4-twin Spinner Wheel (V782A-3)

Dhs. 390.00Dhs. 1,560.00

Eminent Travel Luggage Sets of 3 Bags 4 Wheel Trolley Bag (E8W2-3)

Dhs. 874.00Dhs. 1,250.00

Eminent Travel Luggage Set of 3 Bags PC Matt 4 Twin Wheel Trolley (KG35-3)

Dhs. 400.00Dhs. 819.00

Luggage set of 3 piece trolley by Senator (X08-3)

Dhs. 319.00 offers a range of high-quality bags from the most eminent brands. We have built a legacy over the years and are the most widely established luggage sellers today. We sell high-quality luggage sets of top brands such as Eminent, Senator, and Summit. These bags suit the needs of every member of your family, help them to travel comfortably, and create lovely memories that you can cherish for a lifetime.

With us you have a wide variety to choose from, which include soft-luggage, hard-luggage, backpacks, duffels, trolleys, and business bags. Whether you have to catch an urgent flight for your corporate meet or have to carry extra stuff during the wedding season, these luggage sets bail you out in every situation.

Fashionable and stylish luggage sets

With a quality luggage set, you are fully equipped for the next trip. These luggage sets are travel companions that are being bought for several years. Never go for cheap luggage sets, as they can quickly break down. Always go for high-quality products from prominent brands. Luggage sets from Eminent, Senator, and Summit are particularly recommended for frequent travelers and families. All the luggage models that we offer look pretty stylish at any airport or railway station. 

Ample storage space

The best thing about the luggage options that we offer is easy storage. These luggage sets have a variety of latest features. When it comes to keeping your airport documents handy, there is a small zipper outside the bag for your convenience. The separate parts can be stowed inside one another to save some space. 

Order your luggage sets online

We are an online market for a complete range of luggage sets from reputed brands for varied purposes. We offer a significant range of two-piece, three-piece, and four-piece luggage sets with amazing features. You can choose any model from the exclusive range of luggage sets on our site and place order for a genuine price. We offer genuine luggage at a reasonable price.