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Checked luggage

Senator Medium Size Hard Shell Luggage Trolley (KH134-24)

Dhs. 99.00Dhs. 109.00

Senator Small Size Hardside Travel Luggage Trolley (KH132-24)

Dhs. 99.00Dhs. 109.00

Eminent Travel Luggage Bags 4-Twin 360° Wheel Trolley (KG08-24)

Dhs. 105.00Dhs. 255.00

Eminent Checked Travel Luggage Bag 4-Twin 360° Wheel Trolley (E9F7-24)

Dhs. 200.00Dhs. 409.00

Eminent Travel Luggage Bags 4-twin Spinner Wheel (V782A-24)

Dhs. 130.00Dhs. 520.00

Eminent Checked Luggage 25" 4 Wheel Trolley Bag (E8W2-25)

Dhs. 244.00Dhs. 299.00

Eminent Checked Travel Luggage 24" PC Matt 4 twin wheel trolley (KG35-24)

Dhs. 130.00Dhs. 284.00

Eminent 24 inch Nylon Jupiter best luggage trolley case (S0140-24)

Dhs. 184.00Dhs. 219.00

Eminent Lightweight 24” inch checked baggage trolley (S0190-24)

Dhs. 184.00Dhs. 219.00

Checked baggage medium & large sized luggage.


 Checked luggage is type of baggage which passengers cannot take with them in the airplane and is not accessible to them in the cabin. Our eminent branded checked luggage comes in three different sizes which are 24", 28", 32". You can choose from these different sizes and get the best one that suites you.