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International travelling, long flights, and busy airports can be a hell of an experience if you don't plan and prepare well before your flight date even if you are a frequent traveler. Depending on travel type and duration, we should ensure to keep in close all things we need throughout the journey.

Thousands of people travel across countries and continents for so many reasons. Most of them fly for the first time, some frequently, some with families and children and others solo. Imagine a family, three adults and two children flying to a holiday destination, and it's undeniable a few days before travel will be hectic whereas a couple travelling to a nearby beach for the weekend doesn't need that much of planning and preparation.

If you plan well, more likely, your experience will be great. Depending on the travel, whether it is business or vocational, extended stay or short, travelling with family or solo, no matter why and where you are flying and for what so ever reason, there are five things you must consider before the departure date.

Travel Documents and Expenses:

Your passport, flight ticket, hotel booking, visa, travel insurance, and other legal papers are essential to re-check before the departure date.

Check your passport credentials, reconfirm hotel booking and departure flight date and time, the baggage allowance for hand luggage, and checked luggage. Take prints and keep all these documents handy but safe to show at the airports.

Recount all the cash you are taking on the trip. If it's a different currency, change it through a town exchange as dealers at the airports and destination always give low rates comparatively.

Check your credit bills and available limits. Credit cards are most secure to use on international trips. So call your bank before the travel date, inform the banker about your travel plan and destination, check available credit limits, and switch to auto-billing option if you are travelling for an extended period. It will save you from being charged a late payment fee.

Keep clothes according to weather

Always check the weather conditions at your final destination. Two weeks weather forecast should tell you if you need cotton shirts or a raincoat with you. Some people don't pay attention here and end up spending extra money on clothes when they arrive or get sick for not having proper clothes for extreme weather conditions. So always keep essential clothing in your suitcase travel bag.

Get a reliable suitcase bag

Invest in the suitcase bag and get a good one before you travel. It will not only secure your belongings inside, but also it will be much less effort to handle a durable four wheels bag at airports. Some people like to travel with bag packs while others prefer rolling. Chose a versatile, lightweight, good quality, and spacious bag to fit in all things before the travel date.

Your experience can be worse if you are travelling with a low quality, damaged or broken wheel suitcase full of items. So, avoid this hassle, especially if you are travelling with family and children.

Packing Arrangement of Suitcase bag

Now it's time to pack your suitcase bag. Start ironing and fold all your clothes, including formal and casuals. Bring out all other items you want to take with you and put them on your bed where you can see everything, including makeup kit, toiletry items, glasses, pyjamas, undergarments, travel speakers, jacket and lightweight shoes.

Start by first fitting in your folded clothes as the first layer, later keep all other necessary items one by one until you put everything inside. Keep a few garments on top and zip the bag. Your travel bag is ready to roll. If you have some precious items or souvenirs, it's always wise to lock your bag and keep the key safe.

Choose the right luggage trolley bag

Hand baggage is luggage you will carry inside the flight cabin, so prepare your travel bag wisely. It should not exceed 7kgs, and the bag should be within the allowed dimensions to fit in, or else you will have to check-in the package at additional cost.

Take your daily use medicine, travel adopter and cables, laptop, books or iPad, and other precious items only in hand baggage along with your travel documents. You don't want to carry heavy bags during long transits, so prepare your bag accordingly.

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