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Travelers, business personnel or globetrotters – all of them have one single thing in common that they look for premium luggage bags. Your luggage trolley or suitcase is your travel companion and it is very important to choose your travel companion wisely. However, it is not always easy to get your hands on the right kind of luggage and this is why this article will help you in making a decision and educate you that how Eminent travel bags can prove to be your best travel companion and why should you buy Eminent.

Eminent luggage provides 3 years international warranty

Ever received your trolley bag with a broken wheel while collecting from the belt at the Airport? Ever experienced a snag while pulling the handle of your luggage bag? Ever found the lock not working after or before the journey? Ever accidentally broke the zipper head while opening the bag with extreme pull? We all come across such terrible situations very often. And what if these damages are not fixed? Your favorite travel companion is destroyed and can never again give you company. But with Eminent, you can travel with utmost peace of mind leaving all worries of damages to us. Eminent realizes and understands all these common problems frequently faced by the travelers. Hence, all Eminent products are covered with 3 years warranty for their Wheels, Telescopic Handle, TSA Lock and, Zipper Head. We are strongly committed to offer after sale services to our valued customers. You will only be required to make an appointment with us and bring your product along with you and we will repair it for you.

Premium luggage in affordable price

“Ah! That’s a wonderful luggage case, wish I could afford to buy that.” “This is looking good, but I am not sure about the quality.” “This one is kind of acceptable quality but it doesn’t look so premium.” Sounds familiar? Tough call, right? We often compromise one thing for another and at very few occasions we get a complete thing we desired. With Eminent, you may celebrate that feeling of completeness.  

The very first thing which arises in the mind  is that of quality along with a good  price index. Eminent provides you with the luxury of having a perfect travel bag equipped with every travel essential and that too in a very reasonable price index. Eminent provides its customers value for money. The aesthetics of Eminent luggage provides you with an extravagant, luxurious and premium look without causing a burden on your pocket.

Environment friendly make up

Eminent is playing its role in maintaining the environment as all the raw material which is utilized to make up Eminent products is 100% recyclable. Eminent uses TPO or polycarbonate for production of travel bags, trolleys and accessories which is a light weight and environment friendly material, that is why eminent products are very lightweight. Using TPO ensures that everything gets recycled and the effect on the environment can be reduced to minimum.

Versatile and reliable

Eminent luggage have a reputation for being stylish and luxurious. This reputation is maintained by Eminent as the quality of luggage bags is exquisite. There are different types of shells provided by eminent to its customers which cater to different tastes of customers. Hard shells are for customers who prefer solid look and go for durability, it is ideal for travelers who prefer low weight trolley with maximum protection. Soft case trolleys are for customers who prefer flexibility and want to have a soft look of the overall luggage. The Eminent business line includes laptop bags, pilot cases, portfolio bags and attaché cases which attract the customer through sleek design and lavish quality. All these designs captivate the buyer and provide them with everything from charming retro look to extravagant classic accent.

 User-friendly and durable

Being an extremely reliable travel companion Eminent bags are distinguished particularly for their high resistance and first-class workmanship. Eminent bags are made of materials which are dirt and water repellent that not only protects your content but also prevent contamination of the outer case. Above all this majority of eminent bags are equipped with double spinner wheels which can rotate 360° and have ergonomically designed telescopic handles that ensures seamless travel experience.

Safety and security guaranteed

In the era of more travelers around the world, all airports follow very strict and standard regulations for security. In a doubtful situation, the airport authority requires to open and check the suspicious luggage bags. TSA is a universally accepted standard locking system which comes with a universal key possessed by the airport security personnel only. So, in any doubtful situation,TSA Lock can be opened with the universal key by the airport authority without bothering the bag owner hence reducing complications during air travel.

Besides,TSA lock plays an effective and vital role to protect your luggage from external influence. All Eminent Luggage Trolleys come with TSA compliant Lock following airport standards to ensure that your content is safe from intrusion. Eminent luggage also comes with a safe zipper variant option which adds to the security of zip puller therefore, providing with more protection.

Convinced? Have a look at our Eminent product catalog  choose your product and get instant free home delivery with a 3-year international warranty. At you will find your right travel companion which will suit all your travel needs.

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