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Prior to purchasing new luggage, it is important to make an informed, researched decision, so that you can be sure it will meet your needs. When it comes to luggage, the most common question is whether to purchase a soft or hard shell. For that question, personal preference is the most important factor. Nevertheless, when choosing a suitcase, consider all of its attributes, so that you can make an informed decision.

Eminent Soft Trolley 



Soft shell suitcases can be made from various materials, making the overall design somewhat more complicated than a hard shell case. Various materials can be used in these garments, including nylon, leather, polyester, canvas, cloth, and variations of each. For the quality and durability of Eminent luggage, we use a variety of fabrics listed in our product descriptions. It is not too much of a difference between the two bag options apart from the materials. Softshell trolley bags can have 2 or 4 wheels, multiple handles (usually made of the same fabric as the bag itself), and are usually around the same size as hard shell trolley bags.


  • Fabric cases are more flexible. We tend to pack more than anticipated or buy unexpected items while traveling. Cases with soft shells are more suited to cramming. As the soft material bends and stretches with the item, you can pack your bag with a bit more flexibility when storing items with obscure shapes.
  • Smaller and more compact. In the same way that flexible cases are more popular for smaller packs and luggage that needs to fit into tight spaces, fabric cases tend to be more popular for smaller packs. It will fit in a variety of overhead compartments, so this luggage option is versatile. As well as fitting comfortably underfoot in a bus or airplane.
  • Additional pockets. If you want to fit something into your suitcase, like your charger, or something that you need to access easily, pockets are very helpful. Often, soft shell luggage comes with pockets, which makes it easy to store extra items.
  • More lightweight. Despite the fact that hard shell luggage can be made lightweight with today's materials and technology. In spite of additional components such as handles and wheels, soft shell luggage tends to be the lighter option if you are looking for a more lightweight option.


  • Odors can develop. The fabric used in soft shell luggage makes it more difficult to clean than hard shell luggage. If something particularly pungent is placed inside the luggage, or if moisture is inside the bag, it can affect the overall smell for future trips. The bag should be regularly wiped and cleaned, and soft shell luggage can be dry cleaned. The only problem with it is that it is generally known to degrade in this way more readily.
  • Cuts or tears. There is also an impact on the wear and tear of a soft shell case due to the tendency to pack it tighter. It is not uncommon for soft shell products to rip or tear over time.

Insights and recommendations

The advantages of softshell luggage are numerous, and Eminent highly recommends it for smaller bags such as backpacks and satchels that are usually placed in the overhead compartment when flying. Moreover, if you're looking to fit more into your travel bag, this is the best solution. 

Eminent B0006 



Generally, hard shell luggage is made with harder materials but can be made with a variety of materials as well. Polycarbonate, ABS, and aluminum are some of the most common plastics used in hard shell luggage today. Since aluminum is heavier, it's less common, and most high-tech plastics are much more durable.

Thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) is a versatile and durable plastic used by Eminent luggage for their hard shell cases. In addition to being 100% recyclable, this product is scratch and knock resistant.

It is possible to use the same materials for the handle and wheels as the exterior of the case. For a preferred level of protection, hard shell cases often feature fabric interior linings that can be removed for cleaning.

Inherent benefits

  • Protect items that are fragile or expensive better. Your main luggage may not provide enough protection for items like laptops stored in the hard shell case. Travelers with hard shell luggage are less concerned about who might be handling their luggage, unlike soft shell luggage owners who frequently tightly pack an abundance of clothes around the precious item.
  • A water-resistant material. TPO cases, for example, are hard shell cases that are water-resistant. As a result, if you trek long distances with your luggage through rain or puddles, they will be less likely to get wet.
  • A durable product. If well manufactured, both hard shell and soft shell luggage should last a long Knocks and scratches are more likely to be avoided with hard shell luggage. In recent years, the process of manufacturing has advanced rapidly, so the best materials are used to make hard shell luggage that lasts for a long time.


  • Inflexibility: The size of the hard shell suitcase will always be the one you purchase. As opposed to a soft shell, a hard shell cannot be squeezed into a tight space. Additionally, it is less likely that you will be able to fit an object that is unusually shaped into your suitcase. Despite having plenty of packing space, hard shell luggage is not as flexible as soft shell luggage.
  • Scratches and knocks can be visible. Even though hard shell luggage is less permeable, knocks and scratches will eventually show up. Luggage with brighter colors is more likely to show marks. In spite of this, the bag itself tends to remain in good condition, displaying only visible signs of wear and tear.

Insights and recommendations

Travelers who want a durable bag that can hold more valuable items should consider hard shell luggage. If you're seeking a lightweight yet a solid option, they're also ideal for compact travel.


Final Conclusions

Our comparison of soft and hard shell luggage is based on what we believe to be the strengths and weaknesses of each. It is true that both hard and soft shell luggage are highly functional, durable, and suitable for the purpose you intend to use them. However, certain demographics or consumers may prefer one over another due to their respective benefits. You should therefore research exactly what you need from your luggage before you purchase one of the best.

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