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Luggage Strap (ETSA355) - buyluggageonline
Luggage Strap (ETSA355) - buyluggageonline

Luggage Strap (ETSA355)

Dhs. 54.00 Dhs. 64.00

 Luggage strap to hold your luggage together and make sure that everything is in the right place. Following are some features of this luggage strap:

  • To handle and bear the rigors of the baggage, this strap has a rugged ABS buckle which strengthens the strap. 
  • A triple-dial mechanism is there which will help you to set and reset huge number of combinations for security. 
  • It is flexible enough to fit large bags. 
  • Eminent luggage strap comes with a good design which is very user-friendly.